SAC Challenge Week 4

A edgy country song?….hmmm…..I grabbed a title off my list and plowed through….this may be more alt country pop?

My sons Prog Rock Band was practising in my basement so I couldn’t really do a proper demo…some halting phrasing could be fixed ,but here you go….I think those are all my excuses…

I need Rain    Dave Stanley Daoust
Down at verns barbershop
the boys they all like to talk
Bout women and football and praying for crops
This Dry spell ends .. plant some seed
Well  have a few bucks…. more than we need
But This dust and dirt’s getting to me
When the sky opens up gonna be free
I need rain …I need rain
To wash away ….wash me away
Like a river rushing downstream
I’ll See the world and  Live out my dreams
I need rain I need rain
In the middle of town theres one blinking light
A sign that says “Nowhere” left or right

I see folks talking shake their head at me
As the sun beats me down in the noon day heat
They say best be sticking round here son
But I say It’s a good place to be from

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